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  This week we don’t have the most fun of topics but necessary if you are learning French, as possessive adjectives and pronouns are used every day! So let’s jump in…   Possessive Adjectives are used before a noun and indicates its possession. They are: Mon/ma/mes – my (masculine singular/feminine singular/plural) Ton/ta/tes – your singular informal […] Read more

Adverbs – Doucement mais sûrement

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What is an adverb? An adverb is a word that modifies the meaning of a verb, adjective or another adverb. French adverbs never change their form, the only exception to this rule is tout (all). For example, tout seul meaning all alone, will change depending on the subject pronoun – il est tout seul; elle est […] Read more

Challenge of the month: Vocabulary Flash Cards

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  This month, make a word a day challenge with flash cards! Its a great way of grouping vocab into catergories eg.. Parts of the body… Each day add a new word or phrase to a card and try to memorise. This is a great way to build up your vocabulary! You will slowly collect […] Read more

Nourriture Locale

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When you think of local Alpine dishes what springs to mind? If you’re lucky enough to have sampled genuine local food then you’ll know that thankfully there’s more to offer than an overpriced Sandwich Jambon Fromage! Nourishing, honest dishes containing rich and varied produce such as wild game, root vegetables, mountain berries, apples, cherries, pears, […] Read more

Study french in Chamonix

Pre-Winter French Course 2016

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  Thinking of doing a ski season? Will you be looking for a job in Chamonix this Winter? Being able to speak at least some French will make a huge difference! Or maybe you just want to ‘brush up’ on what you already know and improve your French skills? We have a 4-week pre winter intensive […] Read more

Joyeux Halloween!

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    I hope you all have your costumes ready! Here’s some French Halloween vocabulary to get you started: L’Halloween – Halloween (pronounced “a lo ween”) La Toussaint – All Saints Day Day of the dead – Le jour des morts Trick-or-treat! – Farce ou Friandaises un déguisement, un costume – a costume Se déguiser […] Read more

Proverbs – Live and Learn

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Proverbs use a short and simple statement to express a popular wisdom. Like idioms, they bring colour and fun to any language. Here’s a few to keep in mind! Advienne que pourra – Come what may Un sou est un sou – Every penny counts Il faut de tout pour faire un monde – It takes all […] Read more