Shared thoughts from our previous students

More than 2000 students have studied French at Insted and we are pleased to have a long history of educating students in different languages. Even some from our staff have started their adventure in Chamonix with one of Insted’s language courses. Here are some testimonials from previous students, wouldn’t it be fun if you could become one of them?

Annie Wilhelmsson

I loved the teachers dedication to help us learn french. They mixed games with group assignments that involved going out in Chamoinx and speak to locals.

Annika Färjh

It is hard to get a better environment to study French. The possibility to combine climbing, hiking and MTB with work at the same time you learn a new language is almost too good to be true.

Saga Tengsvall Falk

Insted  is like a big family and has a nice atmosphere so it's not hard to wake up in the morning. The students is a nice mix between different ages and nationalities.

Julius Dillier

Tiny little details turned my four week stay at Chamonix into a truly memorable journey - and I guess, that’s what it’s all about. 

Those funny moments at school, the good people I met and the snow under my feet posted their stickers to my brain. 

Don’t go to Chamonix just to learn french - but go there to gather memories that last. Leave the rest to the lovely team at insted. You’ll be in good hands.

Mike Borucinski

I find Insted a professional organisation who make all the students feel at home no matter what their level of french is.