Terms and Conditions

  1. This agreement is legally binding when you have made the deposit payment and received a confirmation email from Insted. You have then committed to participate in the language courses and/or the rental of accommodation. The repeal of an enrolment or apartment booking imply the client is accountable to cancellation costs as follows: For language courses - 400 EUR deducted if the cancellation is made earlier than four weeks before course start date. For accommodation - 400 EUR deducted if the cancellation is made earlier than eight weeks before check in date. If cancellation is made later than four weeks (language course) or eight weeks (accommodation), no refund will be given.You can buy Insted’s cancellation insurance for 50 EUR, which enables you to cancel your course reservation (does not apply to accommodation bookings) until one day before course start. The insurance will refund the course fee except the deposit payment of 400 EUR. The cancellation insurance is limited to the event of serious illness, accident or death to you or your family (husband/wife, child, brother/sister, parents), which prevents you from studying abroad. A doctor’s certificate will be required.
  2. Travel documents/VISA. Clients must arrange formal documentation themselves prior to departure, all necessary documents required for their stay abroad and application for a visa. All costs, damages or curtailment due to a student's failure to comply with the above shall be at the sole responsibility of the student. To take part in Insted's courses the client must be able to present a valid visa that covers the full length of the courses.
  3. Travel & medical insurance. Clients are not insured for the various activities at Insted. In case of accident Insted cannot be held responsible.
  4. Rules and regulations at Insted's school. The client agrees to comply with applicable law while abroad. Clients and people accompanying them are expected to behave in a generally courteous and polite manner. The illegal use of drugs or rude or inconsiderate behaviour is not acceptable. Insted reserves the right to refuse or serve and/or terminate the participation in the courses as well as occupancy in accommodation of any person who behaves in an abusive or intolerant manner towards others. The clients will comply with rules at the school such as the student group arrangements, class schedules and behavioural expectations in the classroom.
  5. Invoices of remaining course fee, remaining rent and security deposit. The payments are made at the latest on the due date. The student will follow directions given by Insted regarding how to make the instalment. All bank charges are paid by the student.
  6. Change or cancellation of a booking. All changes of a course and/or accommodation booking must be made in writing to Insted. All types of changes to the language course are accepted if made more than four weeks before the course start date. If a change is made less than four weeks before the course starts, Insted cannot guarantee to meet the request.
  7. Exceptions. Insted takes no responsibility for events out of our control, such as price changes due to currency changes, new taxes, changed V.A.T, etc. Insted also disclaims any responsibility of harm to the student caused by his/her own negligence, strike, accident or any other Force Majeure. If a lack of participants makes it impossible to provide the language courses, Insted reserves the right to cancel the courses. In this case, all course fees are refunded to the concerned students. Insted also reserves the right to offer an adapted program if the number does not exceed six students per group and therefore the teaching hours given is reduced to 2 hours instead of 3 hours. In this case no fees are refunded.
  8. Any complaints that may arise during the courses must be addressed directly in writing to the Director at the school.
  9. Any false statements made on the booking form may result in the termination of this contract, at the sole option of Insted. Any breach of this contract will give Insted the right to terminate the contract or any parts thereof. All disputes of this agreement will be settled in court according to the law. All changes to this contract must be made in writing to be valid.

    Lease Conditions (Student Accommodation)

  10. If you book your accommodation with Insted you agree to accept Insted's lease conditions (5.1 - 5.23). In exceptional cases you may have to change apartments during the term of booking, which Insted will give advanced notice of any alterations.

    10.1 The Landlord (Insted) hereby leases to the Tenant the Premises/part in the Premises in Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France.

    10.2 Insted has entitled a representative/contact person for the management of the leased premises. The representative should always be contacted first hand if problems occur in the premises, technical, general or urgent.

    10.3 The lease is for a fixed term, the “Term” commencing and ending on the dates stated in Insted's confirmation of a course and/or an apartment booking. The Tenant will move out from the leased premises without demand or notice on the “Termination Date”.

    10.4 The moving-in. On the first day of the Term the Tenant will meet the representative to pay the deposit and get the keys to the premises. The Tenant will also get the exact address of the leased premises, the contact details of the contact person, and information about the maximum number of persons allowed in the leased premises. About one week before the Term starts, the Tenant will receive an email with further information about the moving-in.

    10.5 The Tenant will look after the leased premises and is liable for any damage to fixtures and fittings or to the fabric of the leased premises caused by the Tenant and the Tenant agrees to pay Insted when billed the full amount necessary to repair such damage or replace any fixtures and fittings beyond repair.

    10.6 The Tenant agrees to pay a Security Deposit of 350 EUR, which is paid when moving in and returned within 30 days after the Termination Date. Note that bank charges/ fees (from sending and receiving banks) for deposit refunds must be paid by the Tenant. The landlord or his Agent will carry out an inspection of the leased premises upon the Tenant’s departure. All cleaning costs, damage and loss will be deducted from the Security deposit. In the event that these costs exceed the amount of the Security Deposit, the Tenant agrees to pay all excess cost to Insted. The Security Deposit will at no time be applied as rental payments. The Security Deposit and the keys are handled by Insted and the Tenant will be informed about this upon moving in to the premises.

    10.7 The leased premises shall be used by the Tenant only for the purpose of residence, and for no other use or purpose. The Tenant acknowledges that the present renting is only agreed for temporary residence, which has a fixed departure date and time.

    10.8 The number of persons in the leased premises, as indicated when moving in, is the maximum number of persons allowed. To exceed this number for longer periods is not allowed without the permission from Insted.

    10.9 Any change of apartment must be approved by Insted and all involved Tenants in the concerned apartments.


10.10 The Tenant of the Leased Premises agrees to refrain from any and all activities that would interfere with the other tenants in the neighbouring grounds and buildings of the Leased Premises. The Tenant is required to agree to a) that other occupants on the Leased Premises shall behave in a manner that will not disturb your neighbours’ peaceful enjoyment. b) not to play stereos or televisions loud enough to be audible in other rooms of the Leased Premises from 10PM to 7 AM, and to not create noise that would wake the sleep of people who might be in separate rooms from 10PM to 7AM.

    10.11 The Tenant agrees to keep the Leased Premises in a safe, clean and organised condition at all times. Tenant further agrees to: a) throw away all garbage in a clean and safe manner, b) stop and forbid other persons in the Leased Premises from intentionally or negligently destroying, defacing, damaging or taking any fixture, effects or other part belonging to the Leased Premises, c) to always use bed linen.

    10.12 Tenant agrees not to obstruct sidewalks, driveways, halls, or use them for any purpose other than entrance and exit.

    10.13 Tenant shall not cause any altercations, additions or changes of or upon any part of the Leased Premises.

    10.14 The Tenant agrees to accept and sign further rules and regulations from Insted regarding conduct, maximum number of persons in leased premises, inventory check, etc. There will also be posted regulations inside the building and inside the leased premises. The Tenant agrees to abide by all these regulations and to follow Insted's instructions. Any failure by the Tenant to abide by the rules and regulations shall constitute a violation of this agreement and if not rectified within a reasonable period of notice to do so shall be grounds for legal action by Insted.


10.15 Utensils (hot water, electricity, etc.) are included in the rent up to 40 EUR per Tenant and month. If this amount is exceeded the Tenant will follow the instructions given by the representative regarding payment.

    10.16 All Tenants, if more than one, shall be jointly and severally liable for all of the Tenant’s obligations set forth in this Lease, rent excluded. The Tenant is for example liable for damage and loss in the leased premises even if he did not cause it himself. The Tenant shall not be liable for any damage or losses arising after the Termination Date and the Landlord shall be bound by the findings of the inspection carried out prior to the Termination Date.

    10.17 The Tenant covenants and agrees not to sell, rent, lease, sublet, or assign the right to live on the leased premises or any part thereof, to any person.

    10.18 Access to leased premises. Insted shall be permitted to enter the leased premises at any reasonable time for inspection purposes, to make improvements and repairs and to ensure that health and safety regulations are being followed.

    10.19 The Tenant hereby expressly waives all claims against Insted for any accounts of personal injury sustained, or loss or damage to property caused by fire, explosion, deluge or overflow; or damage occasioned by failure to keep the leased premises in repair, or damage arising from acts of neglect from co-tenants, or owners/occupants of adjacent property; or for loss of any possessions by theft of any cause, from the leased premises or building. All personal property will be removed when Tenant leaves the leased premises and anything left behind will be considered by Insted to be abandoned and will be discarded immediately upon the Tenant leaving the leased premises.


10.20 The Tenant agrees to comply with applicable federal, state and local laws.

    10.21 Misrepresentation. The Tenant agrees that any false statements made on the Enrolment Form may result in the termination of this Lease, at the sole option of Insted.

    10.22 Eviction. The Tenant agrees that upon any breach of this agreement, Insted may terminate this agreement and/or require Tenant to surrender possession of the leased premises to Insted upon giving of a 3 days notice. Tenant is forewarned that in the event of breach, Insted will legally and bodily remove the Tenant if the Tenant unwisely tries to stay around. The Tenant further agrees that the rent for the whole unexpired term of the lease together with attorneys' fees shall at once become due. The Tenant is obliged to pay any eviction cost.

    10.23 Taxe de Séjour. The Tenant agrees to pay the landlord/agent a tourist tax called “Taxe de Séjour” if required. The amount is 0.90-1 EUR per night per person for the first 28 nights. When The Tenant pays the tax, the Tenant will receive a card called “Carte d’Hôte”.