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Joyeuses Pâques!

 | Chamonix, Study languages
If you are in and around Chamonix, you may have noticed the local chocolatiers display cases and supermarkets filling up with chocolate eggs, roosters, rabbits and more. Easter is celebrated throughout France, and if you are in town you can check out some of the best offerings from the pastry chefs in the Haute-Savoie region. Here […] Read more

10 common French words and expressions used in English

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It’s quite incredible just how much languages overlap! As people travel more and cultures blend together, ‘foreign’ words and expression are exchanged and adopted. Its natural to hear “ciao” outside of Italy as a form of greeting or parting and “bon appetit” is commonly heard outside of France as a salutation before eating a meal. Here […] Read more

Les Expressions de la Semaine

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Colloquial or ‘local’ expressions can be a bit bizarre (to say the least) and thus hard to explain. Il pleut des cordes! (it’s raining cords/ropes) Chaleur d’aout c’est du bien partout! (in the heat of August, everything is fine).. And yet, despite their trickiness, colloquialisms add colour and humour to any language. Here’s a selection of French […] Read more

La Bonne Direction – Lost in France

 | Study languages
Travelling to any foreign country can be an incredible experience and adventure.  It can also be daunting and overwhelming trying to navigate your way when you don’t speak the local language. Arriving armed with a little local knowledge and a few phrases up your sleeve can help you save precious holiday time and get you […] Read more

Bonne Saint-Valentin!

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Here’s some love related French vocabulary to brush up on before this romantic day: Expressions: Je t’aime – I love you Je t’aime bien – I like you Je t’aime beacoup – I like you very much Avoir un coeur d’artchaut – to fall easily in love Un coup […] Read more

French Intensive students

Winter French intensive and evening courses are now running!

 | Insted, Study languages
Calling all Students! Our Intensive French course is in its third week but its never too late to join us! Starting every Monday, Intermediate students are welcome to join one of our groups. Come and challenge your mind, make new friends and learn French this winter! A bit too busy during the day? No problem! […] Read more

Our Winter French Intensive course is starting Monday!

 | Insted, Study languages
Come and join our Winter Intensive French Course at Insted! Want to develop your French skills? You are welcome to join our groups from 1-12 weeks of Intensive French course starting this Monday, 8th January 2018. Come and improve your written and spoken French with us, you can find details for pricing and other options right here. […] Read more