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The Insted Pre-winter course has started

The Pre-winter French course is on its second week and the ambience is great! We’ve opened up to group-levels this year and the students are a mix of locals and people coming to Chamonix to do a winter season.

This 4-week Intensive course is highly recommended for those who will be working the winter season or want to increase their chances to get a season job in the valley. It is a fact that French skills is something the employers are looking for when hiring season staff, so to say that you are attending a 4-week course before the winter season kicks off is a big plus!

The course is still running for 2 weeks so if you consider to do something useful with your time while waiting for the snow – join us!

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Students at Insted Pre-winter

These girls are doing a full winter season working in Chamonix, so the Pre-winter course suits them perfectly!

Insted French class

Teacher Alice is having the attention of the class….

Insted teacher