How to get to Chamonix?

There are many ways to get to Chamonix and we will list the most common ways, hopefully it can help you out a bit.

Fly to Chamonix

Geneva airport

Geneva airport is the most popular airport and it is only one hour drive from Chamonix. There is several airlines going to Geneva from all over the world.

Transfer from the airport to Chamonix

The easiest way to get to Chamonix from Geneva airport is by a transfer. The driver will drop you off outside your accommodation and you can make sure that your skis and heavy bags wont be an issue. There are several of transfer companies that operates in the valley, we recommend Mountains Drop-offs and Cham-Van.


Drive to Chamonix

From the U.K

If you are driving from the UK, we recommend to follow this guide. It shows the cost and explains the drive in detail.

From Scandinavia to Hamburg

There are a couple of different routes to drive from Scandinavia, we will write about the route we have done our-self and the route we recommend.

scandinavia - chamonix


By Ferry – This is the usually the cheapest option but importantly the most relaxed way to get to Germany. There is many different ferry-companies you can choose and you get generally a better price when booking in advance. We will list a few of them.

By Car – You can drive through Denmark via the bridge called Oresundsbron and drive through Denmark to finally take the ferry between Rödby – Puttgarten. It is only about 1.5 hours from Puttgarten to Hamburg where you can take the “car train” AutoZug or continue driving towards Chamonix.

From Hamburg – Chamonix

From Hamburg it is very easy to find your way to Chamonix, here is a map for you.

Driving for 10-11 hours can be very tiring so remember to take many breaks when you drive to Chamonix. The quickest, safest and the eco-friendly way to get to Chamonix is with the “car train” called AutoZug. We always use it and would like to propose it to you, not only the train is moving while you sleep but you get breakfast on bed when you arrive.


Good luck and see you in Chamonix