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The Formation Professionnelle process – Self-employed or a company owner

Follow the instructions bellow and feel free to contact us if you need any help.

It takes time to get accepted to Formation Professionnelle, so you have to send the application minimum 30 days before the start of the course.

The process differs if you are self-employed, company owner and if you are employed by a French company


Self-employed or a company owner

You need two forms to apply for the Formation Professionnelle

  • Get your application form called “Dossier de prise en charge“. To do so, you need to know which “Caisse de formation” you belong to. (You can find it on your Caisse de formation’s website).
  • The “Attestation de versement” for the previous year (for example if we are in 2014, you need to have the 2013 attestation de versement that proves you paid your taxes). Get your “attestation de versement” from URSSAF or RSI.

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How to apply for Formation Professionnelle

  1. Contact us and we can help you to find a course that suits your needs. We will also provide you with the rest of the necessary documents to apply for the Formation Professionnelle.
  2. Send the application to the Caisse de formation.

It usually takes between 4-8 weeks to receive the letter called “Accord de prise en charge” that will tell you how much you will be refunded after you have completed the course. After you have completed the course you need to send in documents that shows you have attended and paid for the course, we will provide you with those.

You receive the reimbursement within 2 to 10 weeks after completion of the course.

We will always be there to help you, throughout the entire process. Thanks to our experience and your motivation, we can find a solution that will best suit your needs.