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What should you bring to Chamonix?

If it’s your first time going to Chamonix it can be tricky to know what to bring. We will try to help you out and tell you what we would bring, this doesn’t mean that you has to or that this checklist is all you need.

  1. Warm clothes – Yes, it get’s cold in Chamonix and if you are going up the mountain you defiantly need warm clothes.
  2. French dictionary  – Bring one from home to make sure that you get a dictionary in your language.
  3. Sport equipment – You should always bring the gear you feel comfortable with but if you don’t have any or need to buy new gear, don’t stress. There is good prices to be found in Chamonix and the range is massive. Also, you will get discount on the major shops in Chamonix when you study with us.
  4. You favourite food – If you are spending a season in Chamonix I strongly recommend you to bring your favourite sweets and food you might crave.
  5. Speedos – If you are a guy and want to swim in the public swimming pool or hang out in their sauna/relax centre you will be asked to use speedos. Yes, this is true and not a joke so if you already own a pair of speedos we recommend you to bring them. It is also possible to buy them at the swimming pool.

Passport and Visa

From EU

You should always bring your passport when you come to Chamonix. The most common airport is Geneva airport and they sometimes demand your passport to let you in the country.

Outside EU

Everyone is welcome to EU but you might need to apply for a visa before you leave your country.

Staying shorter than 3 months

You should apply for the tourist visa if you plan to stay less than three months in Europe. Here is some more information on how to apply for a Schengen visa.

Staying longer than 3 months

You require a student visa to stay longer than three months. Contact the French embassy in your home country for more details. Usually you must have our confirmation for the course you are taking when applying for a student visa.

Be aware that you need to start your application procedure 3-4 months before departure. Contact us if you need any assistance.



Mountain sports is what Chamonix is all about and it is very important to have an insurance that covers the activities you want to do. We recommend you to get a private travel insurance covering your whole stay in Chamonix.

It should cover;

  • Illness
  • Accidents
  • Theft of valuable belongings
  • Personal liability
  • Mountains activities
  • Rescue helicopter
  • Cancellation or inability to finish your course


The E128 Form or European Health Card applies only if you are an EU citizen. With this form or card you will have the same right to emergency treatment as the people who live in the country. Your local social security office usually issues these documents.