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We want to thank everyone for coming to the Altitude medicine talk!

This was the first time Insted and Ifremmont did an event together and we think it was a big success, we hope that you liked as much as we did.

“I would just like to say how good the first lecture (in French ) was.

As a ski teacher I didn’t know much about altitude sickness and learned so much.
I was able to ask the questions that I’d always wanted to ask and never knew that I should carry Viagra in my pack !!!!!!!!

Insted is a bright, modern place and the staff (and nibbles, wine and drinks) were lovely.
I would like to thank all involved for their time and enthusiasm,”

– Denis O’Brien

As you now know, Insted is planning a new course called Ski Extra for their French students. This is the first time Ifremmont is providing this type of education in English and we are truly looking forward for the upcoming winter. We have started, and we will continue to write blog posts about mountain medicine. All can be found on Insted blog, like us on Facebook and Ifremmont will keep you up to date with the latest in mountain medicine.

We also talked a bit about formation professionnelle and how you could apply for funds to study French. As our teacher Alice said – “This is France, it requires some paperwork but we will help you all the way”. If you have any questions about formation professionnelle, simply email/visit Alice at Insted. You can also read our blog under the category “formation professionnelle”, we will keep you posted about how to apply and all the new regulations that might change in the future.

As some of you might have noticed, we took some photos during the lecture. If you want to keep one the photos, contact us and we can send it to you.


Team Insted