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There are many great ways to improve your French. No need to sweat for hours a day, cramming in as much as you possibly can from some bland textbook. How about spending short bursts of time studying and slowly immersing yourself in the language in other ways?

Here are a few French musical artists you might want to listen to and a list of vocabulary with music as its theme:

Madeleine Peyroux – J’ai Deux Amours

Julien Doré – Le Lac

Christine and the Queens – Paradis Perdus

Arcadian – Folie Arcadienne

Nassi – La Vie Est Belle


Vocabulaire de musique:

la musique du monde – world music

la variété française – French pop songs

le rock – rock

le rock alternatif – rock fusion

la musique folklorique, la musique traditionnelle – folk music

la musique country – country music

la musique pop – pop music

la dance – danse music

le hip-hop – hip-hop

le rap – rap music

le reggae – reggae music

le metal – heavy metal

le jazz – jazz

le funk – funk

la musique classique – classical music

un chanteur, une chanteuse – a singer

un groupe – a band

un orchestre – an orchestra

un musicien, une musicienne – a musician

la scène – the stage

une chanson – a song

un casque – headphones

l’amplificateur, l’ampli – an amplifier

l’accordéon – an accordion

la batterie – drums

le piano – a piano

le synthétiseur (le synthé) – a synth/keyboard

la guitare éléctrique – an electric guitar

la basse – an electric bass

le banjo – a banjo

la mandoline – a mandolin

le violoncelle – a cello

le violon – a violin

la contrebasse – a double bass, upright bass

la clarinette – a clarinet

la flûte – a flute

le saxophone – a saxophone

la trompette – a trumpet

écouter – to listen to

enregistrer – to record

télécharger – to download