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The cornucopia or horn of plenty is a symbol for nourishment and abundance. It was first represented in Greek and Roman mythology, where deities were depicted holding a goat’s horn overflowing with vegetables and fruit. In modern times, a wicker basket shaped as a horn is used around this time of year to celebrate the harvest, prosperity and fortune.

Historically, as the Autumn came to a close and Winter arrived, towns and villages in remote areas of the world (such as Chamonix) would harvest or gather food to last the whole winter. Fortunately for us, modern Chamonix no longer needs to preserve food for the long cold months ahead, our cornucopia of restaurants in the valley are overflowing!!!

To satisfy the foodies amongst us who aren’t sure where to eat at this time of year, here’s a short list of local restaurants in which you can eat, drink and be merry!

Restaurant la Télécabine

Traditional Savoyard dishes are served such as fondue, tartiflette, steak and gratin savoyard. They also have a tapas menu.

Address: 27 Rue de la Tour, Chamonix; hours of operation: 12h-14h30 + 19h-23h, daily

Style: French, European; price range: high; TripAdvisor rating: 4,5

Moo Bar Cuisine

A lively bar and restaurant, with a self-serve beer station, it will surely become a regular apres-ski hang out! As they say “Walk in, dance out!”Great food and staff too!

Address: 239 Avenue Michel Croz, Chamonix; hours of operation: 12h-00h, daily

Style: Bar, European; price range: medium; TripAdvisor rating: 4,0


A intimate restaurant just off the high street with a brilliant range of sushi, sashimi, tempura, makizushi, sukiyaki and much more. For groups, the set menu is definitely value for money.

Address: 288 Rue Joseph Vallot, Chamonix; hours of operation: 12h-14h30 + 18h30-22h, daily

Style: Sushi, Japanese; price range: medium/high; TripAdvisor rating: 4,0

Restaurant L’Impossible

Classic Italian dishes such as ravioli and tagliolini, with over 300 wines to choose from and home-made desserts.

Address: 9 Chemin du Cry, Chamonix; hours of operation: 18h00-22h, daily

Style: Italian, European; price range: high; TripAdvisor rating: 4,0

Restaurant Annapurna

An excellent range of Indian dishes that appeal to everyone. With curries (you can choose the heat/spice rating), tandoori dishes and vegetarian options plus sides of naan bread.

Address: 42 Avenue Ravannel le Rouge, Chamonix; hours of operation: 11h00-15h, daily

Style: Indian, Asian; price range: medium; TripAdvisor rating: 4,0

Pizzeria des Moulins

Delicious home made pizzas made with fresh ingredients. Simple!

Address: 109 Rue des Moulins, Chamonix; hours of operation: 12h-14h30 + 18h00-23h, daily

Style: Italian, pizzeria; price range: medium; TripAdvisor rating: 4,5

Poco Loco

A small, cute, bar/restaurant, great for a hamburger or sandwich with a beer.

Address: 47 Rue du Dr Paccard, Chamonix; hours of operation: 11h-22h, daily

Style: American, bar; price range: low; TripAdvisor rating: 4,5

Restaurant Atmosphére

A traditional savoyard menu which includes ‘hunting’ dishes such as hare and doe. Plenty to whet your appetite with wine from their very own wine cellar.

Address: 123 Place Balmat, Chamonix; hours of operation: 12h-14h + 19h-23h, daily

Style: French, European; price range: high; TripAdvisor rating: 4,0