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Insted students went to Courmayeur to eat Italian pizza and ski deep powder.

Every year we organise a student trip to Courmayeur, a ski resort that is found on the other side of the Mont Blanc tunnel from Chamonix. Courmayeur offers great piste skiing but you can often find untouched powder traps all over the mountain.


Insted's student trip to Courmayeur


When we got out from the bus, we quickly divided us into several groups; two off piste groups and a couple of groups that preferred to stay on the piste. Our photographer for the day was mainly riding with the two off piste groups, the first group started to chase the powder in the woods but decided to change area due to avalanche risks. It is better to stay safe instead of challenge the mountain.


Skiing in Cuurmayeur


The Italian skiing is famous for its groomed pistes but also for amazing lunch breaks. Eating lunch together in Courmayeur is a must when we arrange a student trip. Pizza was the most popular dish this year as always.


Insteds lunch break in Courmayeur


Here are a few other pictures taken by our photographer for the day.