Apply for some financial help to pay for your French studies!


What is Formation Professionnelle?

Anyone working in France on a French contract, or as a self employed auto entrepreneur, can apply to their Caisse de Formation to receive partial or full reimbursement (80% to 100%) of the cost of French language studies. To be entitled to apply for Formation Professionnelle, you or your employer has to have paid a yearly contribution to your Caisse de Formation. If you are an employee, a company owner (a gérant), or self employed (auto-entrepreneur), this is a fantastic opportunity for you to be able to study with us at Insted at a significantly reduced cost or even .


Why study an additional language?

By using your right to Formation Professionelle for language courses, you can learn a new language or simply reinforce what you already know, with the support of your company using your well earned taxes. We are lucky enough to offer this great scheme here in Chamonix, so why not take full advantage of it. Insted offers private language classes in both French and English and French intensive group courses in Summer, Autumn and Winter. Our intensive French Summer course will begin 12th June until 18th August 2017 and the evening group classes will begin 4th July 2017. You can check out course details and start dates here or you are welcome to contact us with any other course enquiries at


Why choose Insted?

The application process for Formation Professionnelle can be challenging for non French speakers and therefore we have developed a simple service to aid new students in the process of applying. We have been assisting students with their Formation Professionnelle applications for more than 8 years at Insted and we work closely with various Caisse de Formations in our local region. Our administrative team is here to help you throughout the whole process from the moment you walk in, throughout your course and until the moment you receive your reimbursement.

Summer language course in Chamonix

What is the application process?

It is not difficult to apply for Formation Professionnelle but it does take some time. For this reason we recommend you apply a MINIMUM of 30 days before the start date of the course. The process varies depending on your status as self-employed (auto-entrepreneur), company owner (gérant), or as an employee for a French company. The basic steps for Formation Professionnelle are the same for every application but the exact process varies from one Caisse de Formation to another.

The Formation Professionnelle process:

Depending on your employment status, you will need one or two forms to apply for Formation Professionnelle:

  • First is the application form called “Dossier de prise en charge”. You can find it on your Caisse de Formation website. If you are employed on a contract, we must have written permission from your employer to begin the application process for you.
  • The second form is the “Attestation de Versement” , this is necessary for company owners and self employed people. The most recent attestation is needed for the previous year (this proves you have paid your taxes). You can get your “Attestation de Versement” from URSSAF or RSI.

Once the application has been received and accepted by your Caisse de Formation, you will receive an ‘Accord de prise en charge’ document confirming your funding for the course. You then pay directly with Insted at the beginning of the course and once the course is completed, we then send your proof of attendance and await your reimbursement from your Caisse de Formation, this can take 3-10 weeks.

First steps:

  1. Contact us and we can help you to find a course that suits your needs. We will also provide you with the rest of the necessary documents to apply for the Formation Professionnelle.
  2. We will send the application to your Caisse de Formation.

We look forward to hearing from you!




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