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5 True-False questions about altitude

  1. A good physical fitness help to prevent altitude sickness.
  2. Smokers are more exposed to altitude sickness.
  3. Speed of ascent is tightly correlated to symptoms severity.
  4. Acute mountain sickness (AMS) can occurs at 2500m.
  5. AMS cannot occur during a short altitude exposure (<4h).

Find the answers bellow this picture


Jérôme Para climbing in Chamonix with Ifremmont

Thanks Dr. Hugo Nespoulet for this amazing photo



  1. False: there is no link between a good physical fitness and altitude tolerance
  2. False: smoke doesn’t increase AMS incidence in healthy individuals
  3. True:
  4. True: 10% of people show symptoms at 2500m. 50% starting from 3500m
  5. True: depending on individuals the delay for AMS to occurs goes from 4h to 12h. That is why people don’t develop AMS during an ascent to Aiguille du Midi (3842m).

Dr. Hugo Nespoulet – Ifremmont