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Saco mässan in Malmö

We went to the student fair called sacomässan in Malmö between the 21-22 of november. Several ski bums and seasonaires was very curious what Chamonix had to offer. We hope to see them this winter in Chamonix.

We have been taking photos during the fair. If you wish to use them, simply send us a message and we can send you a better quality image.

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Hanna från Insted på Saco mässan i Malmö

Hanna from Insted had a lot to do in the Insted display.


3d printing på saco mässan

Campus Värnamo showed how 3D-printing works.


Malmö högskola var med på sacomässan

Malmö Högskola had a really nice vibe, it was fun to meet these guys.


Chalmers attended the sacomässan in Malmö

Chalmers is one of the bigger universities in Sweden.