| Formation professionnelle

We have recently received a new group of Overland students to Insted and everyone is settling in well. The weather has been lovely and sunny here in Chamonix so the group have been on some long hikes and have spent lots of time outdoors.

The students have had daily French lessons at the school with their teachers Tristan, Emilie, Clement and Karine and are getting to know Chamonix and the surrounding areas. The two groups had a ‘Rally’ in Chamonix where they met with locals and visited points of interest around the town. They had to answer questions about the area and the history of the town and then report back their findings to the teachers.

The students have done lots of hikes around Chamonix and have visited the St Bernard Farm to visit the famous St Bernard dogs from the local area.  The very placid dog ‘Iceberg’ seemed to be a hit with the students, enjoying lots of cuddles!

Following a visit to the local Alpine Museum, the students are now full of knowledge about the history of the Valley of Chamonix and the first famous ascents of Mont Blanc over 100 years ago.

The groups will be off hiking again this weekend, lets hope the weather stays warm and sunny!