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Vi skapade denna blogg för att hjälpa våra studenter och besökare på hemsidan att lära sig nya språk och för att dela vårt intresse för bergen. Om du tycker att vi har skrivit bra blogginlägg så får du gärna dela med dina vänner så att fler kan lära sig språk och upptäcka Chamonix.


First snow of the season

 | Chamonix
  The snow is falling in Chamonix and it is about time! We’ve had a cold summer and a warm autumn, somehow they changed places and now the winter is knocking on the door. For just a couple of minutes ago we we got some pictures from Simon Nilsson and the pictures just had to be […] Les mer

chamonix ski extra small

Studera; Ski Extra in Chamonix

 | Insted
  Vi har laget en ny pakke som heter; «Ski Extra» for våre Ski & Study-studenter! Ifremmont og vi på Insted har startet et opplegg som heter Ski Extra i Juni. Det virker kanskje tidlig å tenke på vinter i Juni, men vi er glade for å kunne tilby dette opplegget. Idag kan vi tilby den nye Ski Extra-pakken, […] Les mer


Formation professionnelle at INSTED

 | Formation professionnelle
  What is Formation Professionnelle? Anyone working in France on a French contract can apply to a Caisse de Formation to receive a partial or full bursary towards the costs of French studies. The amount you can apply for depends on the individual’s circumstances. Normally 80 to 100% of the costs will be covered by […] Les mer

language courses in Chamonix, French, English, Italian, Spanish and Russian

New website, new look but same quality

 | Insted
The website is launched The quality of our language courses is very important to us. Our teachers are french native and special trained to teach non-french students in language learning. The rest of our team at the school can speak 7 languages combined, and stand ready to help you out whenever needed. Throughout the summer […] Les mer

insted chamonix annika färjh

We welcome Nordic skibums to Chamonix

 | Insted
Nordic skibums is a Facebook group that started 2011 by people with the passion and interests of the mountains. As an addition to facebook, Nordic skibums has recently launched a new web shop where you can buy and design cool items and take part of the Nordic skibums community. Insted and Nordic skibums will become […] Les mer

Active education is working with Insted in Chamonix

Active Education in Chamonix

 | Insted
Well done, the film looks great! Active education has been using our classrooms in Chamonix for several years and we are super happy that they are coming this winter as well. They have released a cool video that we think shows how a season in Chamonix could look like, take a look!   Les mer

ultra trail du mont blanc

Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc

 | Chamonix
Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc Amazing race in the mountians Have you ever heard about a running competition that’s four times longer than a marathon and has a vertical ascent of 9600m ? Well, now you have. It is called Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc and is one of the most famous «ultra trail-running event» in the world and […] Les mer