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  • Travel:

Learning French in France is a great way to explore and understand the country’s people and culture. Even a little knowledge of the language can make a difference in attitude when you meet people. Speaking the local language helps to break down barriers and makes travelling much more enjoyable.

  • For a challenge:

Learning a language helps builds self-confidence and you’ll enjoy a sense of satisfaction from pushing yourself to achieve short-term goals, such as learning how to say hello, introducing yourself or simply learning numbers 1-10.

  • Work and business: 

Learning more than one language can be a big asset to your working life, it looks great on your CV and can even help your chances of finding a job. An additional language can give you an advantage in your career, especially if you work for an international firm or a company with international customers.

  • Music, film, arts and culture:

If you like literature, films or music from other countries, learning the language will help your appreciation and understanding. Watching movies or your favourite TV shows in French, lets say, with your native language subtitles is a fun way to build your vocab. Tuning in to French radio will help too.

And last but not least……………

  •  Its good for you!

Learning another language can boost brain health by exercising memory and cognitive skills. Not only do bilingual brains have superior memory and cognitive function, but they are also better at exercising self control, retaining focus and making good decisions.

Here are some extra tips from the super-talented brothers who speak more than ten languages each!