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Autumn is here in Chamonix and the colours are changing, as well as the temperature! Its the time of year when everyone is talking about the weather. The Aiguille du Midi is open 8h10-15h30 everyday, so it’s a perfect time, with these clear blue sky days, to head up 3,842m to view the beautiful landscape!

This week we give you some landscape vocab to brush up on.

Landscapes vocabulary

La nature – nature

La paysage – landscape

La campagne – countryside

La vallée – valley

La montagne – mountain

La colline – hill

Le glacier – glacier

Le lac – lake

L’étang – pond

La rivière – river

Le ruiseau – stream

La cascade – waterfall

La falaise – cliff

La forêt – forest

Le bois – woods

La prairie – grassland

Le pré – meadow

Les arbres – trees