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On the 31st of October Halloween is celebrated in France, but is a far more discreet event and less popular compared to the US or UK.

After All Hallow’s Eve, there is the celebration for All Saints’ Day or All Hallow’s Day on the 1st November and followed with All Souls’ Day on the 2nd November.

La Toussaint, a contraction of Tous les Saints (All the Saints), is a public holiday in France. Although it is a Roman Catholic holiday when all the saints are remembered, a lot of people make it a day to visit the graves of deceased relatives.

During the Autumn, pots of chrysanthemum flowers are for sale as they are associated with love and eternity. Many families will gather together and usually go to the cemetery to place flowers at the graves of their family members.

All government buildings, banks, shops and schools will be closed on the day and a special church service will be held in each town.

Bonne fête de la Touissant!