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If you are in and around Chamonix, you may have noticed the local chocolatiers display cases filling up with chocolate eggs, rabbits and everything connected to the Easter holiday. Easter is celebrated throughout France, and if you are in town you can check out some of the offerings the best pastry chefs in the Haute-Savoie region have to offer! Here are some local patisseries definitely worth visiting and indulging in a chocolate or two!

l’Univers du Bonbon, Avenue Michel Croz

Aux Petit Gourmands, Rue du Dr Paccard

Ancey Chocolatier on Rue Joseph Vallot – a delightful shop belonging to Philippe Ancey whose family have been running the business since 1892.

Vocabulaire de Pâques:

Pâques – Easter

Vacances de Pâques – Easter break

Le jeudi saint – Maundy Thursday

Le vendredi saint – Good Friday

Le dimanche de Pâques – Easter Sunday

Le jour de Pâques – Easter day

Un oeuf – an egg

un oeuf teint – coloured egg

Des oeufs en chocolat – chocolate eggs

Le chocolat blanc, noir, au lait – white, dark, milk chocolate

Un lapin :  a rabbit

Un poussin – a chick

Une poule – a hen

Un coq – a rooster

Un poisson – a fish

L’agneau (m) – a lamb

Une cloche – a bell

Un panier – a basket

Un nid – a nest

Joyeuses Pâques / Bonnes Pâques! – Happy Easter!

Photo source: chamonix.net, bavardages.org