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“Ta gueule!” – your mouth. Meaning Shut up!


This week here are a few colourful French idioms to keep in mind!

1. J’ai l’estomac dans les talons – ‘I have my stomach in my heels’

Meaning – I’m starving

2. Je n’ai plus de jambes – ‘I don’t have any more legs’

Meaning – I’m exhausted

3. Faire la grasse matinée – ‘to have a fat morning’

Meaning – to sleep in

4. Appeler un chat un chat – ‘calling a cat a cat’

Meaning – telling it like it is

5. Ça marche! – ‘that runs’

Meaning – ok, that works


If you missed are last post: “Les Expression de la Semaine”, which includes more French idioms. You can see them here!

Photo source: roseandcook.canalblog.com