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There are more opportunities for learning French (for free) around you than you may realise. Your TV is a great option in the home to keep the French conversation flowing, all you have to do is tune in, watch and learn! When you’re getting ready for work in the morning, how about putting on your TV and tuning in to Le Petit Journal? You will be surprised how listening to the news and seeing the headlines will help you pick up new French vocab. If you’ve just finished your favourite TV show and looking for something new to start watching, why not commit to a French TV series? We’ve listed some of the latest most popular French shows below. Even with the use of subtitles, learning can be fun!

Another final tip; watching your old favourite TV shows (but this time in French), is a great way to learn. Try some ‘Friends’ episodes or a movie you know word for word and watch the French version instead.


Here are some French TV recommendations:


braquo, learn french, language school


Tunnel, language school, learn french


Marseille, learn french, language school


Les Revenants

Les revenants, language school, learn french