| Chamonix, Formation professionnelle

Wednesday 21st June will be the annual celebration of Fête de la Musique. It’s purpose, since it’s inception in 1982 in Paris, is to promote the making of music and bring it out of the concert halls and into the streets. The festival encourages both professional and amateur musicians to perform, giving people free access to all types of music.


Now this fantastic festival is celebrated in cities, towns and villages in over 120 countries around the world!

Chamonix is one place where you should be sure not to miss Fête de la Musique. There are big events already planned at Monkey Bar, BigHorn Bistro, all the bars on Rue des Moulins, a huge party with DJ’s all day outside CoolCats and a BBQ at Chambre Neuf. Lets hope the sun shines for us this year!

Expect the Chamonix valley to be echoing with the sweet sound of music all day and night and enjoy your Fête de la Musique! 

Photo source: chamonix;net and fetedelamusique.fr