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The false friend aka faux amis is a thorn in the side of any student learning a new language. A “false friend” refers to a word that is identical or similar in two languages but its meaning is very different.


Here are a few to keep in mind, so that your next french exchange won’t be awkward or misunderstood:


Sensible – means sensitive; sensible means raisonnable in French.

Location – means rental; location is emplacement.

Coin – means corner; coin is pièce or pièce de monnaie.

Patron – means manager; patron is client.

Appointements – means salary or wage; appointment is rendez-vous.

Couramment – means commonly or fluently (language); currently is actuellement.

Eventuellement – means possibly; eventually is finalement.

Agréable – means pleasant or nice; agreeable is favourable or d’accord.

Blesser – means to hurt, injure or wound; bless is bénir.

Candide – means naïve or ingenuous; candid is sincere or franc.

Journée – means day; journey is voyage.


Photos: anglais.manabi.fr and unravellingmag.com