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Climb Extra – extension course for our Climb&Study students

The Climb Extra course is new for the summer 2015. It is an extension course for Climb&Study students with additional focus on how to stay safe on the mountain. We have a limited number of places so book in advance to make sure you get a spot.

The Climb Extra course includes lectures with certified guides and scientists in mountain sports and medicin. The Climb Extra students will get a deeper understanding in these subjects and also use their knowledge on the mountain.

The price is 150€ and this is included in the Climb Extra course:

Climbing course
1. Sports climbing
2. Alpinism

Glacier awareness
1. Theoretical education
2. Practical education
– Rope techniques
– Use of glacier equipment
– Rescue

Mountain medicin
– Altitude sickness
– Energy & nutrition in the mountains
– Frostbite and Hypothermia
– Training

Climb extra course in Chamonix


Optional adventure (additional cost)
– Climbing lessons
– Alpine climbing with an overnight bivy or refuge