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It’s that time of the year when most of us are getting ready for Christmas! Planning days to visit family and friends; decorating the tree; watching and listening to Christmas movies and songs; counting down the days with an advent calendar; shopping for presents and making your own list for santa.

Christmas is celebrated around the world, yet the food and traditions vary. In France, Christmas is celebrated having a feast and offering presents to family on the night of the 24th of December. Christmas Eve dishes can include roast turkey, oysters, foie gras, venison, cheeses, wine and champagne!



This week, we give you seasonal expressions and french vocabulary to set you up for this Christmas:

Noël – Christmas

Joyeuse fêtes! – happy holidays

Joyeux Noël! – merry christmas

Noël sous la neige! – white christmas

Le jour de Noël – Christmas day

le Réveillon de Noël – Christmas Eve

décembre – December

l’hiver – Winter

le Réveillon – Christmas feast

Pére Noël, Papa Noël – Father Christmas, Santa Claus

le marché de Noël – Christmas market

décoration – ornament

une carte de Noël – Christmas card

un sapin de Noël, un arbre de Noël – Christmas tree

la chaussette de Noël – Christmas stocking

cadeaux – present

le papier cadeau – wrapping paper

la neige – snow

un bonhomme de neige – snowman

le flocon de neige – snowflake

l’étoile – star

un traîneau – sleigh

un ange – angel

une cloche – bell

une bougie – candle

un renne – reindeer


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