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French language facts

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  Facts about the French language – why you should learn it! French or la langue française is a Romance language, belonging to the Indo-European family. It descended from the spoken Latin language of the Roman Empire.  A French-speaking person or nation may be referred to as Francophone. French is the second-most widespread language worldwide […] Read more

French Intensive students

Spring skiing and studying with 25% discount

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Our spring deal offer: 25% discount on the winter intensive course if you book minimum 3 weeks from now until 30th April 2015. We still have 5 weeks left of our French intensive course and what better time to join us than during the springtime. Ski, enjoy the sun and study French during the less […] Read more

The Class

3 French movies you MUST watch

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  French movies are great, here are 3 of our favourites. Every film lover knows at least a couple of French movies. If you’re a real fan, you probably already know most of the films we are about to present to you.   1. First out is Léon   This is one of the top […] Read more


Checklist for Chamonix

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What should you bring to Chamonix? If it’s your first time going to Chamonix it can be tricky to know what to bring. We will try to help you out and tell you what we would bring, this doesn’t mean that you has to or that this checklist is all you need. Warm clothes – […] Read more