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This blog was created to help our students and visitors in their quest to learn new languages and to share our passion for the mountains. If you like our posts, feel free to share them with your friends so we can help others to learn new languages and discover what Chamonix has to offer.

Skiing in Courmayeur with the Insted students

Powder alert

 | Chamonix
  We have just managed to recover our strength from the last dump, this weekend it’s time for the next one. I don’t know if you have noticed but there is a powder alert in Chamonix this weekend. According to Chamonix-Meteo we are expecting 10-25 cm of snowfall at 1500 meter and YR predicts 12-21 cm snowfall […] Read more

Insted's student trip to Courmayeur

Student trip to Courmayeur

 | Insted
  Insted students went to Courmayeur to eat Italian pizza and ski deep powder. Every year we organise a student trip to Courmayeur, a ski resort that is found on the other side of the Mont Blanc tunnel from Chamonix. Courmayeur offers great piste skiing but you can often find untouched powder traps all over the mountain.     […] Read more


Avalanche- & glacier course 2015

 | Formation professionnelle
  Insted students learned about avalanche- & glacier awareness. We have over 40 students studying at Insted and it’s important for us to provide a safe environment both on and off the mountain. The avalanche- & glacier course was provided by the mountains guides: Pelle Bagewitz, Adam George and Danny Uhlmann. They focus mainly on […] Read more


Smoke build up at Insted

 | Insted
  Insted students had a day off due to smoke build up. This morning the building where Insted’s school is located was evacuated due to smoke build up. The smoke was caused by an electric fault in the basement of the building, but is now taken care of. No one was hurt and the fire […] Read more

Insted students ski in chamonix

Ski & Study French, is it really possible?

 | Insted
  Do you know what the Insted students are up to after school? The Insted students have been studying French since the 12th of January and they are getting used to the life as a student at Insted. It has been snowing a lot in Chamonix and plenty of skiers are enjoying the great conditions. We asked our students, Emmy […] Read more

Welcome to our evening course

 | Insted
  Insted’s French evening course has started, time for you to join? Are you one of those who work or ski all day? We have you covered with our French evening course. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a job, already working or if you are in Chamonix for the great skiing. Speaking […] Read more

insted chamonix annika färjh

Avalanche & glacier awareness course

 | Chamonix , Insted
Learn how to be safe in the mountains We have a long tradition of educating our students in basic avalanche and glacier awareness. It is a prioritised subject for us to provide this knowledge to our students so they can experience the mountains in a safer way. This course is included in Insted’s 15 week Ski […] Read more