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This blog was created to help our students and visitors in their quest to learn new languages and to share our passion for the mountains. If you like our posts, feel free to share them with your friends so we can help others to learn new languages and discover what Chamonix has to offer.


Useful Chamonix links

  Chamonix is not the most high tech town in the world but there is a few useful sites. During the last couple of years, the Chamonix online communities has been booming. Today we have running clubs, mailing lists and Facebook groups with over 15 000 members. As you might already know, communities comes and goes […] Read more

Waiting for the class to start

First day at Insted in Chamonix

  We want to welcome all students for the winter 2015 The first day of our French intensive course is always something extra and today was not an exception. We think it’s fun to put a face on the email conversations and phone calls we have had with the students during the booking process.  Our school manager […] Read more

Students at Insted Pre-winter

Report from the Pre-winter French course

  The Insted Pre-winter course has started The Pre-winter French course is on its second week and the ambience is great! We’ve opened up to group-levels this year and the students are a mix of locals and people coming to Chamonix to do a winter season. This 4-week Intensive course is highly recommended for those who will be […] Read more

Insteds monter är clean med ett starkt band till bergen på sacomässan i Stockholm

SACO studentmässa in Stockholm

  Sacomässan, a student fair in Stockholm The student fair arranged by SACO in Stockholm is by far the biggest student fair in Sweden. We have already attended two students fairs in Malmö and Gothenburg, it has been a pleasure to meet enthusiastic students that want to spend a season in Chamonix. “Sacomässan” in Stockholm was almost twice […] Read more

Hanna från Insted på Saco mässan i Malmö

SACO studentmässa in Malmö

  Saco mässan in Malmö We went to the student fair called sacomässan in Malmö between the 21-22 of november. Several ski bums and seasonaires was very curious what Chamonix had to offer. We hope to see them this winter in Chamonix. We have been taking photos during the fair. If you wish to use them, […] Read more

Saga at Kunskap och Framtid in Gothenburg

Student fairs in Sweden

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  First up is Gothenburg This is the third year in a row we are participation at the major student fairs in Sweden. It is so much fun to meet excited students that want to continue their studies. We are taking photos during the fair so feel free to have a look. If you wish to […] Read more

No, he is not sitting down, Simon Nilsson ir ripping it in Chamonix

First snow of the season

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  The snow is falling in Chamonix and it is about time! We’ve had a cold summer and a warm autumn, somehow they changed places and now the winter is knocking on the door. For just a couple of minutes ago we we got some pictures from Simon Nilsson and the pictures just had to be […] Read more