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This blog was created to help our students and visitors in their quest to learn new languages and to share our passion for the mountains. If you like our posts, feel free to share them with your friends so we can help others to learn new languages and discover what Chamonix has to offer.

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CosmoJazz Festival returns for 2016

 | Chamonix
  The CosmoJazz Festival is returning to its birthplace of Chamonix! Now in its 5th year, the festival will start on Saturday 23rd July and the organisers have extended the festival to run over 9 days. As in previous years, there will be live music dotted around many locations in the Chamonix Valley, including gigs […] Read more

Our Overland group have fun in all weather conditions!

 | Chamonix
Our Overland group have had a fun final few days with us – despite the rainy weather. The group have enjoyed some classic French cartoon fun, watching Asterix and playing some fun board games in the classroom on Tuesday, taking turns to practise their new French vocab. On Wednesday the group braved the bad weather […] Read more

Jour de la Bastille à Chamonix

 | Chamonix
  On the 14th July each year, Chamoniards and the rest of France come together to celebrate this national holiday of Bastille Day. Formally called “La Fête Nationale” the day celebrates events from the 14th July 1789 marking the moment of an assault on a medieval prison known as the ‘Bastille’ in Paris. This signalled an […] Read more

A day trip to Annecy

 | Chamonix , Insted
Our Overland students got away from the valley on Wednesday this week and spent the day in Annecy. The change of scenery was refreshing – as was the lake! The group went for a swim and went on a waterslide into the lake. The students visited the old part of Annecy and had a ‘scavenger hunt’ in […] Read more

Playing games while improving French vocabulary

 | Chamonix
Our Overland students finished off a great week of learning French with some traditional cooking and fun French games. Earlier in the week the group were able to spend some time participating in some traditional French culture. Below are some pictures of our Overland group learning the rules of petanque!     Read more

Safety first! Visit to the Chamoniarde OHM

 | Chamonix , Insted
Together with our students from Overland we had a mountain safety session at our local Office de Haute Montagne  (OHM) on the 30th June. OHM is the best place to go for educational, up to date mountain information, weather conditions and safety briefings. At Insted in Chamonix we cooperate closely with OHM and strongly believe this educational […] Read more

Visit to the St Bernard Farm

 | Chamonix
On 29th June our Insted teachers Alice and Tristan visited the St Bernard Farm together with our Overland students. Having a ‘hands on’ introduction to the traditional Swiss St Bernard mountain dogs made this a great day whilst learning French. The students asked a lot of questions and learned a lot about the St Bernard dogs […] Read more