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This blog was created to help our students and visitors in their quest to learn new languages and to share our passion for the mountains. If you like our posts, feel free to share them with your friends so we can help others to learn new languages and discover what Chamonix has to offer.

Final few days with our Overland group

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After a rather soggy camping trip to Vallorcine at the weekend, our Overland group have had a fun few days learning French and exploring the mountains around Chamonix. The group had a great lesson with Tristan and Myriam learning about movies and comic books in French, and then watched the famous Asterix movie. Myriam created a […] Read more

Great ways to improve your French: Part 1

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  There are many great ways to improve your French. No need to sweat for hours a day, cramming in as much as you possibly can from a boring textbook. How about spending short bursts of time studying and slowly immersing yourself in the language in other ways? For example try spending an hour each […] Read more

Motivated? …. Check out our Autumn Courses 2016

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You may find this hard to believe, but French is not a difficult language to learn. In fact no language is that difficult to learn. Any language can be easy to grasp if you have the right frame of mind! When it comes to learning a new language, as with anything in life, not everybody is […] Read more

Cooling off in Lake Annecy

 | Chamonix , Insted
  Our Overland students spent Wednesday last week in beautiful Annecy. Miriam and Tristan set some tasks in French for the students to carry out whilst exploring the town. After some ice cream from the best ice cream parlour in Annecy, the group payed some French games by the lake. It was lovely and hot so […] Read more

Learning about the history of Chamonix

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On Tuesday, our teachers Myriam and Tristan took the Overland group to the Chamonix Alpine Museum and were joined by the local guide and Chamonix history expert, Aline. The students spent an hour looking around the museum with Aline explaining – in French- the history of Chamonix and giving the group a “who’s who” of famous faces from […] Read more

Our new Overland Group have arrived!

 | Chamonix
Our new Overland group have had a busy week so far with a trip to the Merlet Animal Park, Chamonix Alpine Museum and a day spent in Annecy. On Monday the group were excited to hike to the beautiful animal park at Merlet, see all the woodland wildlife and spend some time in the sun. The […] Read more

Benefits of learning French…. or any other language!

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Travel: Learning French in France is a great way to explore and understand the country’s people and culture. Even a little knowledge of the language can make a difference in attitude when you meet people. Speaking the local language helps to break down barriers and makes travelling much more enjoyable. For a challenge: Learning a language […] Read more