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You may find this hard to believe, but French is not a difficult language to learn. In fact no language is that difficult to learn. Any language can be easy to grasp if you have the right frame of mind!

When it comes to learning a new language, as with anything in life, not everybody is the same. If you’re finding French an impossibly difficult task, it doesn’t mean you cannot learn, it means you need to find the right method of learning that suits you. If you’re motivated (which is the first step) and thinking about starting or continuing to develop your language skills, don’t hesitate in taking a look at our selection of Insted courses.

The Autumn intensive course will begin on the 12th September until the 14th October and if you have less time, our evening classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday. Not sure if you want to join a group class? Pas de soucis! (No problem!) Send us an email enquiring about our tailored courses/private lessons to; study@insted.com.

If you need more info before deciding, just catch up with us here on our Insted blog which has tips and suggestions for making learning easier and more enjoyable!

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